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Jan 15, 2010

Sex With Cousin

I strongly believe that if something is coming to you spontaneously then you should accept it and enjoy it. For this reason i never plan and friends god has always given me opportunities. This incident happened few weeks ago in Banglore where i went for a vacation. Well i am a 24 years B.M girl and has just finished law course.

Rahul, my cousin, is working with a Pharmaceutical company and has a good physique and we get along very well. i reached there unannounced and Rahul was very happy to see me. Rahul fetched me breakfast and promised to come early and then would take me out for dinner. After Rahul left i inspected his flat and found it was in a mess. I though while he is away I'll clean up the mess, so started off with his bedroom. To my astonishment I found lots of porn books and CDs in his
bedroom while cleaning up things and instead of cleaning I found myself imaging him shagging his hood. I found it weird but the thought did excite me. I placed them back where they belonged to, and continue cleaning.
Finally, when all done I waited for Rahul to be back from his office, as it was time, I thought of engaging myself with the CDs I had found earlier, and before Rahul was back from office, I was done with couple of masturbation rounds.
That day i felt pain in my back due to cleanliness and wanted to relax, though me and Rahul had agreed in the morning that we would go to a pub once he returns back.. Rahul in order to liven up my spirits planned to celebrate at home only. He asked me if i would prefer a drink or beer. i used to have beer only but wanted to experiment so i asked for a drink. He happily made 2 pegs of Bacardi with lime cordial and we started.
By the time i finished my first he was already 2 down and had become quite open. This was a opportunity and i raked up the issue of girls. He said casually it was just for fun. I decided to stop after having 2 pegs but Rahul was already perhaps 5-6 down and had started boasting about himself.
i told him that i was not feeling good and he suggested that i should take hot water shower and then i would feel better. i took his advise and took a shower. i came back to living room wearing bathing gown which got wet due to my wet hairs. He again served me one peg and promised that after this we would take dinner.
My gown was perhaps 2 inches above my knee and i caught him staring my legs. He appreciated my shapely legs and we went to kitchen. We cooked dinner and then i complained about the pain in back. He hesitantly said “ Neha,I can give you a massage and you will better “. i can’t say why i agreed and soon we were back in living room.
He asked me to come in bedroom so that i can lie and enjoy the massage. i agreed to this also. He asked me to lie down and asked me the exact place of pain. Slowly he started massaging from top of the gown and i was feeling good. He took feedback from me and then suggested that i should agree for oil massage.
His firm grip on lower portion of my back was already arousing my feeling and i thought let me go one step further. i okayed the idea and said but Rahul your dress will get spoiled with oil. So he removed his tight T – shirt and i saw his muscular body. Below waist he was having a Bermudas only. A very slight bulge was visible to me and it made me smile.
i again lied down with my buts upwards and opened the robe. i asked him to pull the gown upto my butts. As i was not wearing bra my boobs got pressed on bed and i put both arms by its side to hide it from Rahul. Rahul started massaging me and with that started praising my body. He said “ Oh Neha u have got a beautiful body ! i am lucky that you allowed me to massage you “.
i was thoroughly enjoying his massage. his grip was good and slowly i started getting hot. i think now it became a game between me and Rahul as to who makes the first move. i decided that i would tease him till i can and so slowly moved my hands.This way Rahul was able to get a glimpse of a portion of my boobs.
His hands were now not confined to lower portion and immediately moved upto my shoulders and while going down moved a little sideways and touched my boobs. i shuddered at his touch and sighed. my response encouraged him and he touched that portion again and again softly. i was already getting wet and my pussy was yearning for his cock.
Some how i managed to control and asked Rahul to massahe upto my hands. This made him come all over me from behind and perhaps there was few inches gap between our bodies. i slowly pushed my butts up and could feel the full erection. i again pulled myself down. There was a brief pause in massage and this time when Rahuls hands moved
down he slowly pulled my gown further down.He continued with his massage and slowly he was massaging my thighs also. i was almost naked but the pleasure of massage and erotic feeling was so immense that i did’nt resist. Then he started his movement from my toes and as gradually moved up and up.
As he reached my hands i instinctly raised my butts and found a rod poking me. The very thought that Rahul is also naked made me shudder. This time when i lowered my butts he lowered himself on me and his full hot body was all over me. He smelled my necks lying over me and gently kissed me.
Lying over me he slowly put his hands over my boobs and squeezed thel slightly. i moaned loudly.He was lying over me from behind and i was feeling his hot breast over my neck. He fondled my breast and inserted his warm tongue in my ear. My nipples which were totally erect pressed against his palms, his cock pressing my butts and looking for my pussy,
his tongue over my ear lobes and all this was driving me crazy. Rahul then asked me “ Neha you want a full body massage – i mean every part, every hole will be massaged with an appropriate tools and i whispered, “Rahul please go ahead don’t ask me. i want it and for god’s sake please don’t stop.”
Rahul slowly and gently turned me and kissed my lips i opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue. All this while his hands roamed all over my sensitive parts of the body which kept on adding fuel to fire. His legs were continuously moving over my legs and i was breathing heavy. He then moved over to my tits and started circling the tits gradually coming to near and near the tits.
i moaned and asked him to suck them but he just licked it and moved to my other tits. The pleasure was unbearable and as i recall this incident i find myself wet all over again.I moaned and moaned and requested him to suck my tits and he finally obliged by nibbling with his teeths very softly. This very act made me cum and i held his head tightly.
He then moved to my naval and did the same. i grabbed his cock and put it inside my mouth and started sucking it. He emmited a moan and positioned himself such a way that i could take full length. He lowered himself and i could feel his breath over my vagina. As my Sucking grew harder he started licking my vagina and finally entered his tongue.
i could feel him tightening and instinctively knew he was coming. i too was very near my orgasm and almost simultaneously we both erupted in each others mouth. Rahul’s cock did’nt go limp but was still semierect much to my pleasure. Rahul came all over me and we kissed again tasting our cums. i don’t know how i did it because with my boyfriend i have never done this.
We continued kissing and i demanded Rahul now fuck me.. He again lowered himself and i again sucked his cock. Within no time it was again erect.He then turned me and kissed my annus. He played with my annus with his tongue till i started begging “ Rahul pleeease fuuuckk meee harrd “ He obligrd again and within no time he was deep inside me.
As he pushed in and out he was all over me. The weight of his body was crushing me but i repled his every thrust with a matching thrust of equal intensity. Both of us were breathing heavy and out of pleasure he bit me on my nipples and i on his shoulders. i don’t know how many times we both bit each other. He then asked me to come over him.
i sat on his cock and started to squeeze his tool with my pussy. i would gyrate and squeeze and i felt that i was all powerfull. Then all of a sudden he turned me in doggy position and started ramming my pussy. i could feel that he was about to come but i wanted more. So i quickly moved and his cock came out of my pussy.
We kissed each other again and i sat on his lap in such a way that his cock was inside me again. We kept on kissing. He held me tightly and i held his head. All of a sudden i desired h should kiss, suck my tits all at the same time. He pumped me and i matched his thrust in a co – ordinated manner and he kissed and sucked and kissed and sucked.
He then put me down on the bed and kept both my legs on his shoulder and gave powerfull thrust. i was nearing my orgasm and matched it.After 9-10 moves we both had our orgasm. I stayed there for 3 more days and every morning he would fuck me and in the lunch hour we would have a quickie and during night he would screw my annus.
These four days Rahul made me feel like a complete woman and now i am trying desperately for a job in B’lore.

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