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Oct 27, 2010

Bangalore Guy Fucks Maid

A Real Story From narrated by Harish

I had joined medical in some urban city of Karnataka. We were 3 guys staying in a small isolated house. After struggling for food outside we finally decided to start our own kitchen with someone to cook for us and our tea vendor helped us in doing so.

He introduced one Muslim married lady and I being the initiator was given the entire responsibility to handle the entire show.
Very first day when she came to our place I requested her to remove her burka at least from her face so that I can recognize her. She removed all her covers and finding her in saree started turbulence in my mind as well in trouser.
Her name is Sameena and nick name as Sammi.
Slowly we came good to each other whereas other two guys were busy with food only.

Our college started in September and soon we got Dashera holidays combined with supplementary exams which gave almost 15-18 days leaves. I am a athlete and due to university sports commitment I decided to stay back whereas other two guys left for their home. Nothing has been worked out so far to have sex with her but we

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Oct 11, 2010