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Oct 27, 2010

Bangalore Guy Fucks Maid

A Real Story From narrated by Harish

I had joined medical in some urban city of Karnataka. We were 3 guys staying in a small isolated house. After struggling for food outside we finally decided to start our own kitchen with someone to cook for us and our tea vendor helped us in doing so.

He introduced one Muslim married lady and I being the initiator was given the entire responsibility to handle the entire show.
Very first day when she came to our place I requested her to remove her burka at least from her face so that I can recognize her. She removed all her covers and finding her in saree started turbulence in my mind as well in trouser.
Her name is Sameena and nick name as Sammi.
Slowly we came good to each other whereas other two guys were busy with food only.

Our college started in September and soon we got Dashera holidays combined with supplementary exams which gave almost 15-18 days leaves. I am a athlete and due to university sports commitment I decided to stay back whereas other two guys left for their home. Nothing has been worked out so far to have sex with her but we
were quite free to each other.

She has surely seen my semen marks & fragrance while washing my underwear but no comments from her would never allowed me to take the topic towards sex. One lucky day she came quite late and when I enquired then she replied that the other lady who takes care of her small daughter was not there so she waited for her to come and then only she came.

I suggested her to bring her small baby of 8 months along with her and she happily agreed.

Next day was Sunday and I was quite relaxed at my room as it was complete rest for me. She also comes late around 9 Am but she came quite early at 8 with her baby and I offered her my room and she didn’t hesitate to accept my offer. I was busy in daily routine work. I was back in my room when her baby started crying.

I called her and informed that she needs feeding. I was sitting close to her baby to make her silent but she kept on crying. Soon sammi came in started cursing her baby. I told her not to do so, if baby is hungry what else can she do so sit comfortable on my cot and feed her and later prepare the food.

She followed my instruction and when she was about to start I said, let me go out for some time but she surprised me by asking to stay there only and also commented that no one is there so it is between you & I. this certainly sparked the ignition. She lifted her blouse and allowed her baby to suck.

I stared at her boob and she asked what happened. I asked why she doesn’t wear bra inside. She replied that she used to before delivery but now they are sagging and required to be taken out many times so she doesn’t want.
But I got the chance and complimented her that despite that also your boobs are in very good shape.

She asked me if I liked her boobs and I immediately replied yes they are so beautiful and sexy like many of heroines would be having so nice.
Her boobs were pretty well with 34 sizes well swollen with milk and looked tight.
She once again surprised me by inviting me to play with her other boob if I am interested.

I was flying but before approaching I said let me lock the house from outside. Our house was on ground floor and I could lock the house from outside and enter from back door. So I got up to do so and within next one minute I was almost back when she told me close the stove also.

I was so happy. I sat along with her slowly unbuttoned her blouse and soon her other milk ball was out. I touched her slowly and started playing around her nipple. She once again surprised me by telling that after 11 months some male has touched her body.

I asked why then she told that she had last sex when she was 6 months pregnant and after delivery her husband is not interested.
I knew but asked why and she smiled that due to normal delivery her vagina got wide and he perhaps doesn’t like that. I said ok and asked her if she will remove her entire blouse so that I will kiss her everywhere.

She smiled her asked will u kiss me everywhere and myself well inspire by blue films confidently replied yes everywhere she want me to kiss I will do.
She helped me to remove her blouse and as soon as she lifted her arm top remove blouse I started licking her armpit.

I asked her if I could suck her milk she smiled and said do whatever you want.
I started sucking her salty milk till the tank got empty.
Nothing was un licked above her waist and now I wanted her to remove her Saree and allow me to get in to her wide vagina where I could kiss & lick her vagina.

She was in full mood to enjoy so didn’t wait to removed her saree and along with her baby she kept on cot. I made her to half sleep on cot and insert my half body in to petticoat. Widened her legs and soon the fragrance of her vagina allowed me to reach there in seconds.

Fully shaved and wet like washed one but I had nothing to think but to start licking every drop of that sticky and less salty cum.
She got crazy to feel that an 18 years boy licking her vagina. I widened her vagina walls and started tongue fucking her.

This all was beyond her imagination and control and she started moaning, Allah !! what all magic r u doing. I will die!! I started tongue fucking as well sucking her vagina like a calf sucks cow’s nipples.

She couldn’t resist and tore her petticoat and holding my head requested to insert my penis in to her vagina.
This time she got surprised to see my almost 8 inch long penis and which made her to ask my age and when I told that I am 18 she complimented me by telling that you have a better one then her husband.

What you needed, the tightness of 8 inches got much strong and within next 30 second
It slide comfortably in to her widened tunnel. She was well impressed with my way of handling her and asked me to fuck her by own way.

Next 5 minutes she was on my top having her 3rd
orgasm, then I placed her on walls with sealing our mouth sucking each other’s saliva, licking her entire face, later I put on my study table and had few more sucking biting her ear playing with her long hairs and when she found that I am discharging soon she asked me if I want to give it in her mouth but I said no and I found is she is tired and when she said slightly them I positioned her for final shoot out by placing her on cot and myself standing and with her legs on my shoulders I kept on stroking almost 150 nonstop shots till the last drop of my semen drained from my barrel gun.

Second later the last drop I released her legs and allowed to relax but her compliment once again sparked me.

She said that it looks like 5-6 people have fucked her. She also told that she had sex many times with her husband but never ever she enjoyed so much.

She also informed that she had 7 orgasms during the entire course.

Another surprise was that the time and it was 9:45 which means that we enjoyed more than an hour. Later we had sex 4 more times on the same day and this continued for many months till ………..

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