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Sep 22, 2010

Premature Ejaculation

Total Control Over Your Ejaculation Is Your Birthright As A Man - And You Can Reclaim It NOW!

As you may know, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem among men. We know that two out of three men ejaculate very quickly during sex - much too quickly for their liking, and certainly much too quickly for their partners' liking. In fact, well over half of all men ejaculate after about three minutes of lovemaking (and most of the rest come within five minutes.)

But guess what? Research has revealed that most women want around ten to fifteen minutes of intimate connection (by which I mean penile penetration and lovemaking, with or without an orgasm) to feel truly sexually fulfilled. This means most men cannot satisfy a woman's need for sexual connection. Women, sad to say, are not very happy about this - even if they're too kind to say so!

And not surprisingly, most men would like to last much longer during sex: it feels powerful and masculine to be able to ejaculate on demand, and having this level of control will certainly make a woman look at you with more respect.

The really exciting news is that no matter how quickly you ejaculate at the moment, you can easily stop this happening. The fact that you come too quickly simply means you haven't put in place your fundamental sexual abilities as a man. These abilities - to ejaculate when you wish, to fully satisfy your partner, to get the maximum sexual pleasure yourself - are ready and waiting inside you. With the help of the simple steps we describe in detail in our treatment program, you will be able to control when you ejaculate 90% or more of the time during sex. (The exceptions are when you are so aroused, so horny, that only a "quickie" will relieve the tension - and if that's what you have to do, that's what you have to do!)

You may be wondering if you could ever reach that level of control, especially if you have been coming quickly for a long time. Remember that the way men are designed to enjoy sex is with complete control and choice about the timing of orgasm and ejaculation. Your mind, your body, your penis, your testicles, all of you, is already programmed to give you this pleasure: you've just never learnt the key to activate the right program!

All of this may be hard to accept if you are struggling to stop what seems like an insurmountable desire to ejaculate - or even a "spontaneous" ejaculation that seems way beyond your control. But the key to getting greater control is to learn how to stay below the "point of no return" (that's the moment when you absolutely know you're going to ejaculate and nothing will stop it!), so you never ejaculate before you're ready. You can always choose to ejaculate simply by increasing the force and depth of your thrusts: that's where the element of choice comes in.

This program will train your body to stay below the point of no return for as long as you want while you make love... so you get extended sexual pleasure as you enjoy the warmth and softness of your partner's vagina, while she enjoys the fulfillment of feeling you moving inside her - and you both enjoy your lovemaking and your control over your ejaculation!

Control Your Premature Ejaculation NOW Using Simple Techniques Developed By Top Level Professional Therapists!

The straightforward fact is this: you can become a long-lasting lover using the program of enjoyable, simple, and easy-to-apply techniques described on this website. All you need is the discipline to devote a bit of time to them - say thirty minutes, twice a week, for a few weeks. Now, is that too much to ask for this level of control? Are you ready to do that?

What's more, you don't have to put up with the old squeeze technique, the stop-start technique, the buttock clenching PC muscle squeeze, and all that other "old hat". The techniques explained here are the latest techniques from the world of sex therapy, they are very user-friendly, and they will increase your enjoyment of sex, as well as producing greater intimacy and enhancing communication between you and your partner.

Be realistic: who wants to have their penis squeezed hard, just when things get going? Who wants to stop making love and withdraw when the action hots up? These cures do not produce long-term results anyway: research over many years has shown that any benefits quickly disappear. You want a system that works long-term. And, as for the rest......

  • Self-hypnosis can be helpful, and we describe exactly how and why. Unfortunately it isn't a complete cure on its own, but it is very useful for increasing your sexual confidence and making you more relaxed - which is an important part of the solution for rapid ejaculation. We show you how to get the benefits of self-hypnosis and provide a recording script that will take you a long way down the path of complete ejaculatory control.
  • Pills and potions for controlling rapid ejaculation are all over the internet. But they never quite say what's in them, how they work, and how you get your money back when there's no improvement. Please don't fall for this - you know the old saying: "If it seems too good to be will be." Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to ejaculation control. (In many cases, these pills are sold by the people who tried to con us with penis enlargement pills. Enough said.)
  • I guess it may seem tempting to believe you can stop yourself ejaculating by clamping down hard with your PC muscle to stop semen shooting out. If you try this, however, you will find one small drawback: it doesn't work. You just cannot stop your ejaculation using your PC muscle to hold it back. So all the programs based on that idea are, shall we say, not of great value.
  • It's been suggested that you can use a cock ring around the base of your penis so that you stay hard after you ejaculate. In principle this is not a bad idea, except that it is extremely uncomfortable when the ring bites into the base of your softening penis, and many men find their glans is so sensitive after ejaculation that they cannot bear to continue thrusting. Ah well. Looks like another good idea just bit the dust!
  • Another old favorite is anesthetic cream containing lidocaine or some other anesthetic which you smear on your penis to dull the feeling and stop yourself getting so aroused. It just doesn't seem like a brilliant idea to try and delay ejaculation at the expense of good sexual feelings. And in fact, my own experience, and that of a lot of the men I work with to help them control their rapid ejaculation, is that the cream doesn't actually slow things down anyway. It just gives you a numb penis, possibly a burning sensation, and if it gets near your partner, she gets a numb vagina. It's what we call the "numb-come"!
  • Thinking of something distracting does not work. But why would you do this anyway? Sex is meant to be about togetherness and intimacy, which you don't achieve by thinking about your taxes (or how much money the suppliers of pills to cure premature ejaculation swindled you out of) while you have sex.
  • Masturbating once or twice an hour or so before sex can help to extend the time for which you last, at least by a minute or two. But it removes spontaneity, and it can reduce your desire for sex so much you just can't be bothered, which isn't too helpful....

Which brings us back to the one and only solution that does work: the one used by the professionals in this line of work, myself included. As a therapist I've heard all kinds of stories from men who were trying to increase their staying power. My name is Rod Phillips, and I've been working with men now for ten years on the internet.

I've heard about the strategies men use, the tricks they employ, and the desperation they feel as they struggle to get control. In almost all cases, the techniques described here worked where nothing else had: it's about being in tune with your body, being confident you have control, and knowing that you are on the path of continually improving and extending your lovemaking skills - without stress, strain or struggle.

When you use these techniques, each time you have sex you'll notice little improvements in how long you can delay your ejaculation. You'll find that the time interval between penetration and ejaculation gets longer and longer. You'll find the energy and effort you can put into thrusting without reaching orgasm is greater and greater (and that will really please your partner if she likes to be thrusted hard - and most women do when they are very aroused).

And then, before you know it, you'll find that you have total ejaculatory control. You'll have become one of the few men who actually know how to make love with complete confidence and absolute control over their ejaculation!

Enjoy Lovemaking Until You Choose To Ejaculate

When you've achieved this level of control, you can enjoy sex with complete confidence and assurance that your partner will enjoy it just as much as you. She may even reach orgasm through vaginal thrusting. This isn't guaranteed to happen, but she'll thank you anyway, because the sensations of your penis thrusting on her G spot for minutes at a time without a break can be so rewarding that she goes into a state of complete sexual ecstasy.

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this, you're in for a delightful shock. Nothing is so powerfully arousing and exciting for a man as making love to a woman who's incredibly aroused and turned on...there's a kind of feedback of excitement between the two of which makes both your orgasms, when they occur, intense and powerful, mind-blowing, even.

And now, with complete ejaculatory control possible, all of that pleasure can be yours. Imagine for a moment how it will feel to know that you are the man who can give your partner complete sexual pleasure.

And as I said before, these techniques are easy to apply, easy to use, and very, very successful. I know, because I used them myself to overcome my own premature ejaculation, long before I started showing other men how to do the same...and I can still recall the feeling of relief and pride when I found I could make love for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes - or even longer...

And I can still see the look of surprise, astonishment and delight in my partner's eyes the first time we reached orgasm together. Her words to me then will stay with me forever: "You," she said, "are the best lover I've ever had."

All The Techniques You Need To Control Premature Ejaculation Are Illustrated In Detail By Our Attractive Models

cure premature ejaculationYou'll find the system that I describe on this website very easy to use. But to make it clearer, and to help ensure your complete success, everything is described in detail and illustrated with tasteful photos. I don't use complicated language or technical terms - there's no need: simple, easy-to-follow instructions are enough. The photos were very kindly modeled by a couple who used the techniques and found their sex life transformed. They decided they wanted to help spread the word that ejaculation control is both straightforward and successful.

So many thanks to Alex and Lisa, because their generosity means you can see what to do and how to do it, as you read through the program method. The self-hypnosis script also lets you hear more about ejaculatory control, so it's a complete, all-round treatment package.

Many readers have asked us if you need a partner to try the exercises. The answer is that you can do a large part of the program on your own, but you need a partner to complete it. However, even if you're single right now, there's no better time to when you do meet your partner, you'll be ready to impress her with your dedication and commitment to becoming a better lover....

All in all, this treatment method allows you to change the way you have sex from average and merely satisfying, to mind-blowing, powerful lovemaking with greater masculine and feminine energy coming together in orgasmic ecstasy. It gives you the possibility of simultaneous orgasm through extended lovemaking, and it virtually guarantees complete satisfaction for you both...which is especially important for your partner, since her pleasure depends to a large extent on your ability as a lover.

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