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Aug 22, 2010

Orgasm Myths

Orgasm Myth or Fact?

  • Myth or Fact: "Women don't masturbate"
  • Myth or Fact: "When a woman says "no", she really means maybe; she's just not warmed up enough"
  • Myth or Fact: "Penetration is required for a woman to achieve orgasm"
  • Myth or Fact: "Lots of foreplay will improve her changes of having an orgasm"
  • Myth or Fact: "All women like it hard and fast"
  • Myth or Fact: "Women need to reach orgasm to enjoy sex"
  • Myth or Fact: "Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms"
  • Myth or Fact: "If a woman cannot have a vaginal orgasm, then something's wrong with her"
  • Myth or Fact: "All women can squirt"
  • Myth or Fact: "All women want a G-Spot Orgasm"
  • Myth or Fact: "It's more difficult for women to reach orgasm than it is for men"

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