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Dec 19, 2010

Lust For Cousin

Ahhh, my cousin Denise.

Where to begin a twenty year tale of rising lust and sexual longing?

Suffice to say that however the story begins, it ends with the two of us in a very large bed, using all of it while finally exploring each other's every inch.

Before we get there, however, there's the little matter of twenty years of foreplay.

The first episode began during a visit my family made to Denise's house near the beach. I was 18. That's the first time I recall really noticing her as a sexual being. Before that she was just my cousin, who happened to be a girl. I hadn't seen her in a few years, since we lived about 1,000 miles apart. In the meantime, however, several changes had taken place, and I, as a horny teenager who already

had a good ten years of masturbation behind me, noticed each change in a big way.

For one thing her tits had gotten much larger, seemingly out of nowhere, as I certainly didn't remember them that big a few summers before. In addition, the curve of her hips had become more pronounced and several other curves I hadn't noticed before caught my eye.

All of this was revealed to me during a beach trip on our second day of the vacation. As I sat on my towel dousing myself with suntan lotion, Denise lowered her jean shorts and took off her white tank top not five feet from where I was sitting. Underneath was a dark green flower print bikini that I tried very hard not to stare at. This was my cousin, after all, and I knew I wasn't supposed to find her attractive. The problem, of course, was that she wasn't just attractive; she was downright hot. Long, straight black hair that fell midway down her back, deep brown eyes, those softball-sized breasts that really filled in her bikini top, and an ass that sent all sorts of filthy thoughts careening around my head. Add to that perfect tanned legs leading down to dainty feet with shapely toes and red painted toenails, and I was in total forbidden love.

It took me a full five minutes to get my erection to go down to the point where I could safely stand up and hit the waves. Throughout the day, I tried not to think of Denise's body in the way that I had been, and was somewhat successful, until it came my time to shower up back at her house.

It was the empty suit that did it.

Her still-wet bathing suit was draped over a hamper in the upstairs bathroom. She had showered before me and had left the two-piece on the edge of the wicker basket to dry. I noticed a glowing ball of excitement in my gut, followed by a rising of my cock as I gazed at the thin fabric that had been wrapped around my cousin's most private parts only minutes before.

I couldn't resist. With a shaking hand, I reached for the bikini top and lifted it off the hamper. With both hands, I spread it open as it would have been on her chest. It was very damp, and the inside of the cups, where Denise's tits had sat all day, was lined with white polyester-like fabric. Standing there naked, my 18 year old penis fully erect now, I turned it over and lifted it to my mouth, holding the white fabric first to my nose, then my lips, imaging that I was kissing her actual nipple. The excitement was almost overwhelming.

I laid the top down and picked up the Holy Grail, her bikini bottoms. It took a few seconds to figure out which was the waist and which were leg holes, but the bottoms were lined with the same smooth white fabric. I held them in front of me as if she were wearing them, marveling at how small the waist seemed. I sniffed the outside first, where her pussy lips would have been only moments before. I had been staring at this very spot on the beach, and her pussy had actually been in it - right here! I turned the fabric over and sniffed the inside, goose bumps standing out all over me. It, too, was still damp, and I thought I detected a slight, unfamiliar scent. I was still a virgin at 18, and while I had played around with my high school girlfriend, I had never gotten as far going down on her, though not for lack of trying. I licked the fabric, imagining that I was licking some of my cousin's actual juices off of her bikini.

It was about there that my other hand drifted down to my engorged member, and I casually began sliding my hand up and down the shaft.

At the time, I didn't really have any knowledge that there was such a thing as panty-sniffing as a fetish, but I was sure getting an education in it. Then, almost without thinking, I draped the bikini bottoms over my cock, placing the purple cockhead where her crotch had been. I commenced to some serious jacking off then, sliding my cousin's bikini bottoms up and down. The softness and wetness of the fabric felt incredible. Within 30 seconds I felt the familiar urgent pressure in my groin, and before rationality had a chance to take over I had spurted white cum all over the inside of Denise's bikini.

I continued stroking away with the freshly lubed material until a wave of realization and guilt struck me. What had I just done? Have I violated my cousin? Certainly her privacy, but she must never know about this. And what now? Can she get pregnant if she wears these?

I panicked and started the shower, rinsing the bikini in hot water and rubbing the crotch with bar soap. I wrung them out a bit, then a moment of horror as I realized I didn't remember the positioning of the pieces on the edge of the hamper. What if she noticed they had been moved?

I estimated the best I could and stepped finally into the shower. The guilt was soon replaced by the memory of how sweet that scent had been, and, my erection returned as I imaged having sex with my cousin in the shower, our slick naked bodies rubbing and slapping together. This thought was deliciously taboo, and I luxuriated in it as I stroked myself to another, almost painful climax

That night was a bit awkward for me at the dinner table, as I would forever see my cousin in a different light. Though I didn't know it at the time, the next day would bring an even stronger and stranger episode in my long, slow journey into lust with Denise..

The day after my interlude with my cousin Denise's wet bathing suit, I woke up with my usual teenage morning hard-on, the one that couldn't have been cut with a ginsu knife. The knowledge that I was in the guest bedroom across the hall from my gorgeous 18-year-old cousin gave it an extra bit of steel belting. This time I was unable to satisfy myself, though, as I was roused out of bed by my mother, informing me that everyone was going shopping for three hours and that if I didn't want to go I could sleep in. Well, that was nice, except that now I was up.

I stumbled out of the room and into the bathroom, noting that the bikini was still where I had left it on the edge of the hamper. I thought about snatching it up and repeating yesterday's experience, but I heard a noise which stopped me. Sounded like someone moving around in another room. I had heard everyone leave a few minutes before, so that was odd.

I opened the door and moved into the hallway. Denise's door was closed. Then I heard it again: a dresser drawer closing, coming from her room. Hmmm. Alone in the house with Denise. My heart leapt and that feeling of excitement filled my gut once again. I went over to the door and knocked softly.


"Hey, Thom," said the voice on the other side of the door.

"Can I come in?" I asked.

"Uh, give me a second. I'm in my tennis underwear."

Oh, Lord. Why did she have to tell me that?

I had forgotten that she had a tennis lesson this morning. A few seconds later she popped out into the hallway wearing the prerequisite white tennis skirt and white polo shirt. I suppose I needn't mention that she looking stunning in both, and that the skirt set off her tanned legs fantastically. The shirt was tight, and there was just a hint of cleavage where the three buttons lined the top V-neck. The whole scene was automatically filed away in my future fantasies under "T" for Tennis.

"I guess you didn't want to go shopping," she said.

"Of course not," I answered.

"What are you gonna do?"

"Dunno. Probably watch TV or something."

"Okay, well, I've gotta go or I'll be late. I'll be back by noon," and she bounded down the stairs and was gone.

I wandered down stairs and toasted a few waffles, bringing them into the small dining nook and sitting down at the table. A large and cumbersome bookshelf covered one whole wall, and was stacked with books and magazines. It had always been like that, and I'd never taken much notice of it. Now I got up and began to file through some of the magazines: National Geographic, Boating, Tennis, the usual stuff. And what was this? Penthouse?

Indeed it was. Not just one issue, but a dozen, scattered in amongst the others. I couldn't believe the find. This was several years before the internet, so a "nice" boy who was also a bit shy didn't have too many resources for getting his hands on a girlie magazine. I wasn't quite up to asking for one at the local 7-Eleven just yet. I had seen Playboy at my friend's houses in high school, but had little experience with any of the harder-core stuff. The fact that my uncle (I was assuming it was his) kept this stuff just lying around in the kitchen was surprising. I guess my aunt didn't mind. I wondered if Denise had seen these. How could she have avoided seeing them? I had a brief image of Denise rubbing herself all over while looking at one of the pictorials. Wow, that was a good one.

I had a good 2 and a half hours to kill, so I stacked a few copies of Penthouse on the table and started going through them. Like Playboy, there were lots of articles, and knowing my uncle, that's probably why he had a subscription. Lots of stuff for "the sophisticated man of good taste". Oh, and of course, spread-eagle shots of naked women. I'll never figure that one out.

For me, someone who did not consider himself a man of good taste necessarily, it was great. Along with the usual centerfolds, there were pictorials with two women, and even a few couples. No actual penetration, but they got close enough, and I suppose the idea was that the guy was about to put it in or had just taken it out.

So there I sat, rubbing my extremely rigid cock through my boxer shorts, sitting at the kitchen table, when a footstep on the front patio right outside the window behind me sent a shock of electricity through my body. I turned and, through the half open vertical blinds, saw Denise with her keys in her hand. I was positive that for a brief instant she saw exactly what I was doing, though not what I was looking at. I quickly slid the newspaper over the magazine and sat up straight in my chair as she came through the front door. She stopped in the entry and looked at me with an out of breath but amused look on her face.

"What are you up to?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said, my voice shaking a little I'm sure. "Just, ah, reading the paper and stuff."

"And something else, too?" She was looking at the stack of Penthouse magazines, which I had left completely out in the open.

"Oh, yeah. Those are kind of interesting. Believe it or not, there are some really good articles in there."

"I'm sure," she said, rolling her eyes a bit. "I just came back for my checkbook. I have to pay my teacher today."

She turned and ran upstairs.

How embarrassing was that? I had never gotten caught masturbating before, and certainly it couldn't get worse than being caught by my cousin, a girl I thought was not only hot and someone who's opinion of me I cared deeply about, but also someone who might tell my mother or the entire rest of my family what she had seen. Probably not, but who knew?

She came rushing back down the stairs with her checkbook a few seconds later, and I hadn't moved.

"Okay, Thom, I'll be back," she said in a singsong voice. "Don't have too much fun." That last was said with a slight shake of her head, though she sounded more amused than disappointed. I watched her cross the patio and hop down the stairs into the parking garage, the short white skirt bouncing up and down over that sculpted ass.

Now, as shamed as I was, I've never been one to quit while I'm ahead, and watching her leave had given me an idea. The house was empty, her bedroom was right upstairs, and in that bedroom were all of her clothes, including the rest of her bathing suits and...her...underwear. Why hadn't this occurred to me before?

I put away the magazines where I thought I had found each of them and check to make sure the front door was locked. I'd need all the warning I could get for what I was about to do. My cock still erect and pulsating in my shorts, I climbed the carpeted stairs and found Denise's bedroom door closed again - but not locked. I gently pushed the door open and was greeted with the most wonderful smell I could imagine. A teenage girl's bedroom: traces of fruity perfume and promising hints of more earthy scents. Denise was fairly neat and clean, compared to some of my friends' sisters, and everything seemed to have a place. Pink was in evidence nearly everywhere, from the comforter on the bed to the dresser to the color of the desk. The dresser was my goal, so I went over and did some sleuthing. I was becoming an expert at this by now, I thought, so I made a mental note of everything: how far open the drawers already were, any indentations my shoes had made in the carpet, etc. Where might someone keep things like panties? Top drawer or bottom drawer, I said to myself. I eased open the top drawer slowly. Bingo...

Makes sense, doesn't it? Socks and underwear, the first thing you put on, keep 'em in the top drawer. And that's indeed where I found my Cousin Denise's panties, in the top drawer of her pink dresser. I was reasonably assured that she wouldn't be back for at least an hour, and the rest of the house was empty, everyone having gone shopping that morning.

Everything else in the room was neatly folded and in its place, but the panty drawer was like a jumble of wild color: red silk, blue satin, lacy yellow thongs, a few black and silver g-strings, all haphazardly tossed into the drawer in no particular order. The perfumed scent that rose above the mess was intoxicating.

Carefully noting the position of it, I gently lifted a tiny red silk panty out of the pile and spread it out. The fabric was so thin it was barely there. It was impossible not to picture Denise's womanly hips filling out the sides, and her smooth thighs stretching the leg holes. The mound of her pussy would be...right...there. I held the crotch of the panties up and, arching my head back, laid them directly onto my face, my nose buried in the outside of the narrow strip.

I had been rock hard for basically an hour, and as I stood there in the middle of the room, I could feel the pre-cum moistening the front of my boxer shorts. I waited a second before inhaling the full scent of her panties into my nose. I think I could've come right there, without even touching myself. Along with the flowery perfume scent was a sweet musk that I was sure was the aroma of my cousin's pussy.

That was really all I needed, it turns out. I had wanted to sample a few of the other panties, but I had an 18 year old's sense of sexual control, so I immediately laid the red panties on the carpet and laid down on my stomach with my face even with the crotch. Imagining myself to be nestled in the "V" of Denise's legs, I slowly licked her panties as if her wet pussy was waiting behind them. My cock was now straight between my stomach and the floor, and I was rubbing back and forth over the soft carpet. I pretended to pull the red silk aside to lay bare her dripping lips and swore I heard her aching moans as I tongued her engorged clit. As her orgasm rocked her hips upward into my face, I came with shuddering intensity into my shorts, some of the sticky cum seeping onto the carpet.

I lay there for a minute, satiated, until, as if on cue, I heard a key turn in the lock downstairs.

I didn't think I could even move that fast, but in what seemed like half a second I was up, the red silk was back in the drawer, damp parts and all, the drawer was closed, and I was rubbing the wet spot dry with my sock. Looked like quite an indentation in the carpet where I had laid down, but nothing could be done about that now. I just had to pray that whoever it was didn't come straight up the stairs. I backed quickly out the door and closed it as silently as I could, stealing across the hallway into my own room just as I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

It was Denise.

"Thom, you up here?"

I poked my head out the door.

"Yeah, I'm just getting dressed."

"About time. Jeez."

"You're back early," I said.

She was standing in the hall in her sparkling white tennis outfit, talking to me without looking into my room.

"Yeah, my teacher had to go pick up his kids. Sucks, too, because I think this is my last lesson with him."

I pulled on a pair of jeans. "He's good?"

"Yeah, well, he's an okay teacher, but he's also gorgeous."

"Ah, so that's why you're so interested in tennis these days."

A twinge of jealousy there. What's he got that I ain't got. I mean, other than not being directly related to you and all that? I kept that part to myself.

"You got it, kiddo," she replied. "I'm gonna take a quick shower before everyone gets back."

With that she went straight into the bathroom.

Good, I thought. That'll give me a chance to make sure I didn't leave any incriminating evidence in her bedroom. After I heard the water come on, I slid back into her room and smoothed out the carpet. I was tempted to leave it as it was, as there was sort of an allure to having her wander around in a room with the indentation of my cock staring right at her without her having a clue. Too risky, though.

As I stepped out of her room and closed the door once again, I realized that the bathroom door was not closed. It came within about 6 inches of being closed, and it brought up all sorts of interesting questions. Did she leave it open like that on purpose? She knows I'm the only other one here, knows I'm a horny bastard, why wouldn't she be more careful about a thing like that?

This was a dilemma. Most likely there was no conscious intention there, but on the off chance that there was, did I not have an obligation to take advantage of the invitation? Crazy thoughts, but then again, raging hormones will send the mind on some pretty weird trips.

I could hear the water splashing around, and I knew Denise was in there.


Rubbing soap all over her body.

And the door was open.

I crept slowly toward the bathroom and peered into the narrow window that I had without touching the door. The way the bathroom was laid out, I didn't have a direct view of the shower, as it was off to the right and around a corner. What I did have was a direct angle view of the bath sink mirror, which gave me an indirect view of the shower. The exhaust fan was on, and with the added air from the open door there was very little steam, and the mirror was crystal clear.

The shower was one of those bathtub shower combos with a sliding glass door, which was not clear glass but a bit smoky. Behind it, there was Denise in all her glory, though from my view she was more in silhouette. I could make out all of her tanned curves, but very little detail. Once in a while a part of her body would brush the door and I would get a clear glimpse of naked skin: a thigh here, an ass cheek there. Her straight, dark hair cascaded down her back, and I could see the outline of her gorgeous tits in profile.

This was all heavenly, and the best part was that she really had little chance of seeing me. Risking a bit of movement, I pushed the door open a bit wider. I could now squeeze through it if I wanted to.

I toyed with the idea of just walking in and going for it, since there was a chance that's what she intended anyway. My hands were shaking. Hell, my whole body was shaking. No, I thought finally, if I was wrong it could get ugly, and I was probably wrong.

It had been a good several minutes since my last orgasm, and of course I was ready to go again, and insistently so now that I was watching my beautiful cousin nude, wet, and rubbing herself all over.

I got down on my knees and crawled into the bathroom on all fours until I got to the corner, around which was the shower. I lowered myself down onto the linoleum, my stiff erection almost painfully resting on the hard floor. Peering around the corner, I was rewarded with a much closer view. I was now only about 5 feet away. Looking in the mirror had almost seemed like watching it on TV compared to this.

She was facing away from me, and I could slightly make out the crack of her shapely ass behind the sliding door.

And now I noticed something else: her tennis uniform, crumpled on the floor right in front of me. The white polo shirt was there, and the small white socks, and the skirt, and nestled within it was a small pair of white cotton panties: the tennis underwear she had told me about earlier. She had obviously slid both down over her thighs at the same time.

And I could reach them.

Very slowly I moved my hand across the floor and hooked my little finger around the edge of the panties. Glancing up at Denise to make sure she was facing away, I dragged them back to where I lay, leaving them just under my nose.

Ever since my cock had met the floor, I could feel the orgasm that was imminent. The slight movement forward and back while I reached for her underwear had brought me to the brink. Now, as I lowered my nose to her still sweaty and musk filled panties, I could wait no longer. My cock jerked and spasmed as I filled my boxer shorts with cum, the whole time simultaneously watching my naked cousin in the shower and breathing in the sweet aroma of her pussy on her sweat-stained panties.

There wasn't time to bask in the afterglow this time either, as she surely must be almost done showering soon. I slowly eased her panties back to an approximation of where they had been, right inside the white skirt, at the same time that she began turning off the water inside the shower.

This was gonna be close.

I backslid through the bathroom door, hoping I wasn't leaving any sticky residue on the floor. In the same motion I was closing the door back to where it had been. Just as I stood up in the hall, still hard and very sticky, I heard the sliding doors open.

Back in my own room, my heart beating like a banshee, I was sort of amazed at what I had just pulled off.

It would be a year before I was able to get that close to Denise again, in another state in a very different way, but it would be well worth the wait.

The next time I got a chance to see my beautiful cousin, a year had passed, and it was time for the big summer family get-together once again. This year my Aunt decided we should all meet for five days in Las Vegas. This didn't excite me all that much, as I had been to Vegas a few times before and, at 19, was still technically too young to partake of the best that town has to offer.

The crew this time was extensive: my mother, my brother and I, two Aunts, two Uncles, two male cousins, and finally my cousin Denise, along with her best friend Jenna. This was to be the first of many family occasions that Jenna was to grace with her presence. What was left of her family back in New York was in disarray, and she much preferred our group to her alcoholic mother and a brother who was in and out of various penal institutions.

I didn't mind having her around at all, since she was...well, I wouldn't say "beautiful" - I guess "sexy" would be a better term. Sexy in a tough, New York Italian leather jacket wearing sort of way. She reminded me a lot of Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinny", and that could never be a bad thing: dark, curly, shoulder-length hair, amazing pout-y red lips (the world hadn't been given the term 'Dick Sucking Lips (DSL)' back then, but that's indeed what they were). She was on the short side, 'petite' is the term I think, and what she lacked in bra cup size she more than made up for on the back end. Jenna had an ass that a man wanted to pitch a tent and camp on for the weekend. And something about the way she got it moving when she walked just oozed sexuality - to me, anyway. She seemed to like me fine as well during our first few exchanges, though my eyes (and my mind) seldom left Denise's body if she was nearby.

The whole lot of us took over the 14th floor of the Excalibur Hotel/Casino on the south end of the Strip. I was rooming with my brother, and as fate, or luck, or lust would have it, we were not only next door to Jenna and Denise, but the rooms featured an adjoining door. Whether this was intentional on the part of my Aunt to keep the kids entertained or not matters little. It was a fact, and a small portal to Heaven had just announced itself in my hotel room.

The first night was spent wandering up and down the Strip on foot. It was just the younger set, including my two male cousins from New Jersey, Mark and Jonathan. During the course of the evening, it became fairly obvious that Mark had a major thing for Jenna, and she did her share of flirting with him in kind. They certainly both had the East Coast thing to bond over.

I spent most of my time uncomfortably trying not to stare at Denise's cleavage, which insisted on peaking out of her fairly low-cut blouse. It was black with silver stripes at an angle, and featured three buttons up the lower belly. The open "V" took care of the top half, and her golden tanned, slightly freckled globes set the whole thing on fire. Tight black designer jeans completed the look, and I found myself completely in thrall to the graceful curve of her hips as they swept up to her narrow waist.

More interestingly, while walking we got a chance to talk, probably more of a "conversation" than we'd ever had as adults. I think we were both surprised to discover that in many ways we thought alike - similar neuroses, similar likes and dislikes when it came to film and music. We had even read some of the same obscure authors. It added to the turn-on that my cousin was intelligent and imaginative, on top of being a total fox.

We got back to the rooms around midnight, and my brother, who had recently become Vegas-legal, headed downstairs to hit the casino. Jenna said goodnight to a disappointed Mark. I said goodnight to a radiant Denise, and the two girls disappeared into their room.

I had just gotten into bed, flipped on the TV, and was preparing to engage in my nightly ritual of rubbing one out to one of last summer's Denise encounters, when I heard a soft knock at the adjoining door.

I got up, padded over in my t-shirt and boxer briefs, and was more than a bit surprised to see Jenna standing there in an oversize black t-shirt. It fell to about mid-thigh on her small frame, but was thin enough not to hide too many of the curves underneath.

"Hey, Thom," she whispered.


"Watcha up to in here?"

"Um, not much, really. Just getting ready to...wind down. You?"

She looked back into her darkened room.

"Well...mind if I come in for a sec? Denise is asleep and I don't want to wake her up."

Not at all sure where this was going, I said "Sure." Hopping back on the bed, I propped myself against the wall and covered my lower body with the blanket. I had just met Jenna that day, and it seemed a bit strange to be sitting there in my underwear in front of her. That turned out to be the right move, because when she closed the door and walked over to the desk chair, the movement of those hips was enough to cause a stirring in my crotch that would have certainly been noticeable.

I wasn't sure what she was wearing under that long t-shirt, but if she was wearing underwear, it was only the bottoms. The outline of her small but perky little tits was clearly visible under the thin fabric, her nipples standing out like pencil erasers. She pulled the chair out and sat down, legs together, hands on her knees.

"So I hope I'm not buggin' you, but I'm totally not ready to go to sleep yet. Do you mind hanging out?"

My tongue certainly didn't mind hanging out, and I decided to agree with it. "I think I can cope with the company of a half-naked girl for a little while."

She grinned. It was a nice smile, somewhat sarcastic by nature. A little jaded, though I wondered if she realized it came off that way. We talked for a while - the usual getting-to-know-you stuff, and she asked me a few questions about my cousin Mark. I in turn asked plenty of questions about how she knew Denise. I was slightly dismayed to learn that they had met primarily over liking the same guy at the junior college they went to. He had ultimately chosen Denise (really, who wouldn't, but what a nice problem to have) and the two had been dating ever since. So my cousin had a boyfriend at college. Not surprising, but why was I jealous?

Jenna's next question came as a bit of a shock.

"You like your cousin, don't you?"

I paused. "Sure, she's a cool chick."

"But you think she's hot."

"Well...I suppose she's attractive, yeah. I mean, I'm not supposed to notice stuff like that."

"Hard not to," she smiled again. "I think she's gorgeous. And...if you don't mind me pointing this out, you do notice stuff like that. I'm pretty perceptive."

I must have turned about five shades of red, because she laughed, more genuine this time.

After about 45 minutes of conversation, it suddenly dawned on me - something that probably would have been obvious to someone less naive. This girl liked me.

She wasn't just killing time, or trying to find out more about Mark. Shortly after this realization hit me, I began to look at her in a totally new way.

I had a habit of assuming that cute girls, especially those older than me (Jenna was 20, the same age as Denise), automatically wouldn't be interested. I was usually so busy fantasizing about them and undressing them in my mind that I never considered that the feeling might be mutual. In this case, my cousin so outshone anyone in her vicinity that I hadn't really given Jenna more than the cursory male gaze.

Now I really began to see her, noticing the smoothness of her pale legs, the mysterious feline bent of her eyes. Green eyes. Black hair and green eyes. Hmmmm...

I started to see her not just as a cute girl, but a cute girl that I just might have a shot at...touching, or something.

Now all of a sudden it was up to me not to blow it.

I also noted that during our talk, her small feet had drifted up from the floor to the edge of the TV table, so that the underside of her creamy white thighs was more visible. A little further and I'd be able to get an answer to the question of panties...or no panties.

Having just established in my mind that Jenna might be willing to do more than just talk, I really had no idea how to proceed. Since there was obviously a chance that I had totally misinterpreted the signs, I simply kept talking. It so happened that a late night re-run of The Dukes of Hazzard was playing on the TV in my room, and I made some comment about it being my favorite show when I was 10 years old.
"Oh my God!" Jenna squealed. "I love that show! I had the biggest crush on Bo when I was little."
"How in the world did you relate to Dukes of Hazzard, growing up in Brooklyn?"
"I don't know if I ever related to it at all," she reasoned. "I just thought he was hot. I used to go to sleep thinking about him."
"At how old?" I asked.
"This was maybe when I was 10 or 11. I got started pretty young, ya know? Most girls don' know...get into doing things to themselves until later on in their teens."
"I totally understand. But I had you beat by about 4 years. No pun intended."
"Really? Wow. What a little horn dog you were."
"Not much has changed, actually."
“Not for me either,” she added. “If anything, I’ve just perfected it.”
This was my "in" and thankfully, I recognized it.
"You're, ah, welcome to come sit over here so you can see the screen better," I said tentatively.
She briefly pursed her lips, as if thinking it over, and then laughed. "I thought you'd never ask."
She jumped up and skipped around to the far side of the bed and hopped on, first kneeling, then laying back on two propped up pillows next to me. She was demurely pulling her shirt down the whole time, lest I see anything, but she ended up sitting very close, with her leg actually touching mine. She was close enough to more or less confirm my theory of her intentions. That slight pressure of her leg against mine, even though I was under the covers and she wasn't, was enough to really start my relaxed cock twitching, and I slowly felt my erection start to grow.
After a few seconds I almost involuntarily draped my left arm around her shoulder, and she responded immediately by nuzzling her face down onto my chest. No doubt about it now. Her hair smelled like strawberries. I bent slightly to kiss her on the forehead, and she suddenly turned her face upward. Her warm ruby lips were slightly parted in invitation, and soon we were kissing passionately, our tongues searching, exploring. She tasted exotic, foreign, and the desire seemed to be seeping out of her skin. My erection went from growing hard to rock hard in seconds, as if it knew what should come next when I didn't quite know myself.
We had both completely forgotten about the TV by now. In fact, there could have been fifty naked girls on the screen and I wouldn’t have cared to notice.
I must have kissed Jenna for a good couple of minutes, but my hands remained where they were, almost afraid to move. After all, what if all she wanted was a kiss? She hadn't moved her hand from my shoulder either. Maybe this was as far as she wanted to go.
Then, ever so slowly, her left hand began sliding down, first caressing my chest through my t-shirt, then inching down to my stomach, sliding side to side across it. She held it there, no doubt feeling a similar hesitation about going further. I decided to help her with the decision. I began to move my pelvis up and down, as if to inspire her to keep going. On one of these upswings, my erect cock, still sheathed in the blanket, brushed against her hand, and she drew in a quick breath.
That was all the encouragement she needed, though, and her hand slid under the sheet, then the blanket, and found my rigid shaft, began caressing its length through my underwear. She let out a low moan, as if in appreciation of what she found there.
Our lips had never separated, and now she kissed me harder as her small, delicate hand explored my balls and traveled up and down my board-hard pole. Her whole body was getting into it now, her bare left leg rubbing up and down mine over the blanket.
I realized that this had been her goal from the minute I had answered the door, and I felt a bit foolish for taking so long to allow it to happen.
Finally I decided to let my right hand go exploring, and I rested it on her t-shirt covered hip. Under the shirt I could feel the outline of her panties. Being an aficionado, I quickly deduced that she was wearing cotton bikini panties, the kind with a half-inch wide elastic band that went around the hips. One of my favorites. But what color? I imagined black, the same color as the shirt.
I began to slide my hand down toward her bare thigh, reached the end of the shirt, and was about to slide it up when she suddenly shifted herself downward and began kissing my chest. She moved further down toward the foot of the bed until she was kissing my stomach, lifting my shirt up so as to get to the bare skin.
My cock was a tent pole by this time, holding up the fabric of my underwear, and a distinct wet spot had appeared at the apex, soaked with pre-cum. Her wet lips soon found the top of the tent and closed over my cock-head, saturating the fabric of my briefs with her saliva. She began an up and down motion, giving me a clothed blow-job (my first of any kind) as far down as the fabric would let her, softly moaning the whole time. The sensitive skin of my cock was aching to be free of the fabric and to be engulfed by her moist lips.
I needed to do something with my hands, so I threaded them through her dark, curly hair, eventually sending one down the back of her neck and under the collar of her shirt. Her skin was on fire.
Suddenly she came up for air and released my sopping hard-on, grasping the waistband of my shorts and peeling them down, freeing my cock, which sprang straight up at a 90 degree angle from the bed.
Then she went nuts.
She pounced on my naked cock like a rabid puma, taking it all into her mouth and shaking her head side to side like a wild animal tearing at a piece of meat.
Now, at five inches, I may not be long, but I am certainly wider than average, which at the time I wasn't really aware of. Jenna certainly seemed to be enjoying it, however. As I've said, I was still very much a virgin, and this was also my first oral experience. I had gotten to "2nd base" with a previous girlfriend, but had never been allowed to get past the fingering stage. Now I can appreciate how spoiled I was by Jenna's skill and obvious experience.
She sucked and slurped with abandon, using her silky hand as often as her mouth to slowly tease pleasure out of my body. I think the sight of her tongue expertly gliding around the tip of my cock was as arousing as the feeling of it. She had her eyes closed, savoring the taste of cock like a fine wine, willing the cum out of me. When it finally came, it came from deep inside, and over the long journey it had built up so much steam that it shot out of me like Old Faithful.
Jenna was using her hand at that particular moment; her face just inches away from the tip, now eying the fine job she was doing, and the first wave coated her cheek and the corner of her mouth before she could get her lips back over the engorged purple cock-head. The remainder of my creamy load was taken into her mouth, and she vacuumed it up as quickly as I could pump it out.
It was only then that she finally opened those bright green eyes and looked at me as she licked the rest of my cum off of her cheek.

'She really is pretty cute,' I thought to myself. 'No Denise, of course, but cute.'
As much as I had enjoyed what had just happened, I would still have preferred that it be Denise's lips I had just cum all over. Couldn't help it. I was glowing, but it was equal parts Jenna's performance and the knowledge that a blow-job from my cousin would have felt similar to the exhilarating experience I had just been through.
I had suddenly gotten very sleepy, and noticing this, Jenna leaned over me and gave me a long kiss on the cheek. Her shirt had ridden up, and I could now see that the bikini panties were in fact red. That worked just fine for me. I briefly considered asking her if I could sniff her panties while she was wearing them, figuring it was my turn to get my mouth between her legs, but she jumped off the bed, flipped off the bedside light and softly said, "Goodnight, Thom. See you tomorrow!" With that she slipped back out the adjoining door. I was sorry that the room was now so dark that I didn't get a rear view as she left.
I was asleep a few moments later, but my last thoughts involved something about how lucky I had just gotten, and also how I'd just gotten a blow-job with my hot cousin lying a few feet away in the next room. 'That's pretty close," I thought. 'But not close enough."

The day after my encounter with Denise's friend Jenna was spent taking in the sights of Vegas in separate groups. Unfortunately, I was not in the group with Denise and Jenna most of the day. Finally, in the late afternoon, exhausted from too much walking and the endless parade of people, I stumbled back to the room and found the two girls just getting back from a shopping marathon.

Both girls were wearing the spoils of the hunt, and both had purchased similar outfits: tight-hugging jean skirts and button-up blouses. Denise's was white and looked silky, while Jenna had on a green top that matched her eye color. On her feet, my cousin wore black flip flops, and Denise some thin white sneakers and white ankle socks.

They wanted to ditch the rest of the crew and have dinner at the Hard Rock Hotel, and asked if I wanted to join them. Of course I jumped at the chance. Jenna was still fairly flirtatious with me, which led me to believe that last night's oral encounter would not be a one-time only connection. Before dinner, however, there was primping and showering to be done, and Denise wanted a nap. First she disappeared into their bathroom, so Jenna asked if she might take a shower in mine. Quite an opportunity there, and I offered it up directly.

I was sitting on the bed reading a magazine a few minutes later when she strolled through my room, towel and shampoo in hand. Just before she rounded the corner into the bathroom, she shot me a seductive smile that was a little hard to read; an invitation, or just a tease? My self-doubt caused me to hesitate for a bit.

I also realized I had left my cell phone in the girls' room, so I popped my head through the adjoining door and saw something that made me draw my breath in quickly: my cousin was lying on her side on the bed, facing away from me, barefoot but still wearing the jean skirt, her long dark hair splayed out on the white pillow. She hadn't heard me, so I decided to let her sleep. I tiptoed over to the dresser and grabbed my phone, and was turning to leave when I realized that from that vantage point, if I kneeled down, I would be looking straight up her skirt.

Hoping that she was indeed fully asleep, I knelt down on the carpet and my gaze followed her silky legs up to wear they disappeared under the denim skirt. From there it was too dark to see anything, until, as if on cue, she shifted and separated her legs until she was lying on her stomach. Her thighs were now open about 4 or 5 inches, and the skirt had ridden up slightly, giving me a perfect view of a pink silk panty mound. What I wouldn't have given to crawl up on the bed between those thighs, slide the skirt up the rest of the way and...

Yeah, can't be thinking like that when I'm only a few feet away. My cock had fully announced itself in my pants, and all it would take would be for her to wake up and see her cousin standing there with a huge boner; hard to get a clean getaway from that one. I took a last longing look and slipped back into my own room.

Doubts be damned. I was horny enough then not to care about what that look from Jenna had meant. I heard the shower running, so I boldly pushed open the bathroom door. I managed to surprise both Jenna and myself, as the shower was indeed running, but she wasn't in it. There she sat on the toilet, jean skirt pulled up and panties around her knees. We both let out a yelp and I immediately backed up and out the door, closing it almost all the way and apologizing profusely.

"Sorry, sorry!" I said, gritting my teeth. "I thought you'd know..."

At least Jenna was giggling now. "You thought, huh? Well, you thought right, but, ah...just a little bit early, I guess."

"Yeah, I heard the water and stuff, so..."

"It's okay. Don't sweat it. Just give me a second."

I couldn't get the image of her sitting on the toilet out of my head. Maybe I was just super juiced from watching my cousin, but she looked good like that, her knees together, feet slightly splayed, those silky white panties bunched below her knees. And she was peeing. My god, it was actually a turn-on to me. I was learning all sorts of things about my twisted mind these days. I had never considered a toilet as an object of sexual interest, so this arousal was new to me.

"Uh, Jenna?" I said sheepishly.

"Yes?" She knew I was up to something.

"Suppose I come back in, and you would, ya know, stay...where you are."


"I mean, you look really good -- sitting there."

A pause.

"Why Thom -- are you saying you want to watch me pee?"

I hesitated, but only for a second. "Yes," I whispered, out of breath.

"You dirty, dirty boy."

Another pause.

"Come on in."

I pushed the door open, stepped in and leaned back against the sink. She was blushing a bit, and her hands moved down between her legs in a show of bashful protection.

"I was sort of done, actually...but..."

This must have been new for her, as well. She looked so cute, her curly black hair pinned up, the green blouse open at the neck... It was those panties that captivated me, however. Simple white silk, rumpled and certainly sweaty from a full day of walking in the sweltering Vegas summertime.

"That's okay," I answered. "I can wait."

She smiled, and her gaze fell on the bulge in my jeans.

"Can you?" she said coyly.

"Actually I have an idea that might pass the time."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

With that I stepped over to her and kneeled down on the floor as if in supplication to a Goddess. Using only my lips, my hands behind my back, I began kissing at her ankles above the short white socks she still wore. Exploring every inch of her smooth skin, I moved up her calves until I could smell those panties getting closer and closer. In my mind I was doing this to my cousin lying on her bed, and it was her pungent crotch I was kissing my way toward.

Jenna didn't quite know what to make of this yet, but her breathing was becoming quite audible now.

At last my tongue reached the edge of the silk panties, and I worked my way inward to the crotch. The aroma of moist, sweaty pussy was overpowering here, and I gently lapped at the spot, tasting a days worth of secretions.

A slightly surprised gasp escaped Jenna's lips. I had sniffed my share of panties up until now, but this was the first time they'd been attached to an actual girl. The realization that her bare pussy was mere inches away from my face suddenly sent a wave of excitement rolling through me.

"Mmmm...well I guess we know Thom likes panties," she purred.

I just moaned. She took her right hand out of her crotch and ran it through my hair. "Me, too."

I didn't give too much thought to what that might mean. Instead I reached out a hand and cupped the crotch of her panties, taking one long, slow lick of the slick surface as I looked up and into her sparkling green eyes. Her tongue had involuntarily slipped out, and she licked the corner of her lips, as if tasting her cunt right along with me.

What followed seemed inevitable. I had never tasted pussy before, but my desire to get my mouth on Jenna's slit was irresistible. I pecked at the inside of her knees and her inner thighs on the way up, but I was in a rush to get to where those thighs met, and where one of her hands still blocked the way.

I was now over the open toilet bowl, and could smell the pee she had recently unleashed. She hesitated in moving her hand away, and just before I went to move it myself, she whispered, "Wait...there's more."

As she raised her fingers a few inches, revealing a beautiful mound of short black hairs protecting a glistening pink labia, I saw a thin stream of whitish-yellow piss squirt out. Every instinct told me that this was not supposed to be an arousing experience, but it was an unbelievable rush.

Jenna was moaning softly, as though this were sexually pleasurable for her as well, and I found it unexpectedly so for me. Just as the small stream was ending and the last drops were ejected, I shocked myself by diving into her wet cunt with my tongue and slurping those droplets up, at the same time making my first contact with the soft folds of a girl's pussy and tasting the salty juices waiting there.

Jenna shifted slightly forward on the seat and leaned back. Her wet slit was now offered up to me in its full glory. Both of her hands were now threading through the hair on the back of my head as I slid my tongue further from her clit (or what I at least assumed was her clit) down to what seemed like the edge of a deep reservoir. I had found the sopping opening of her pussy, and as her hands guided me, the tip of my tongue wiggled up inside her, and I was rewarded with more sweet nectar than I could have imagined.

Her panties were preventing her from spreading her legs, so I lowered them over one stocking-ed foot and the flower of her sex opened even further. By now her thighs were trembling and was whispering, "Oh, Thom...Oh, yes" over and over.

My cock was absolutely stymied in my jeans, and it was getting uncomfortable, so as I licked her, I undid the top button, then the zipper, enough so that I could get a hand down my pants and pull my pole out of my underwear.

The way she was moving told me Jenna might be getting close, and I stroked myself as she writhed under my tongue. She came in three or four sharp jerks, my mouth still suctioned to her cunt and feeling every one, as she emptied her womb onto my tongue. She had one knuckle in her teeth to stifle the cries she desperately wanted to make.

I continued to lap at her swollen lips until she noticed my rapidly stroking hand.

"Oh, lord, that was good. Are you gonna come now, baby?"

I moaned in response and she pulled me up to a standing position.

"Thom," she said, looking up at me with those piercing green eyes," I want you to come all over my panties."

That was certainly enough to finish me. She quickly untangled the silky pair from her ankle and held them in her lap, the stained crotch open skyward as a landing strip for my spunk.

I lowered my boxer briefs and bent my shaking knees before coating the silk with several jets of jism, some hitting her flushed pussy and a few drops falling into the toilet bowl and mixing with her yellow pee. I closed my eyes and saw, vividly, my cousin's bare ass, her pink panties pulled aside, my cum trickling down onto her peach fuzz-covered pussy.

"Oh, my god....yessss," Jenna hissed. "That's a good boy. Soak those panties!"

When I had shot the last of my load, my knees finally gave way and I involuntarily sat down on the floor with my back against the wall. Jenna was biting her lower lip and seemed just as interested in her panties as I was. As I watched, completely out of breath, she raised the messy fabric to her lips and licked some of my cum from the sweaty crotch area, her eyes meeting mine and then rolling upward in ecstasy.

Wow, I thought. This must be what my friends meant when they described a girl as a "freak". The idea that a girl could enjoy sex as much as a guy was a foreign concept to me. We were constantly told that we wanted it more, thought about it more, and that the girls sort of tolerated us. I was extremely grateful that I had stumbled upon someone who was big a horn dog as me.

Jenna took a few more little licks at her panties and then carefully set them on the counter. "I'm gonna save some of that for when I put those back on."

I just stared in wonder at the absolutely perverted nature of this girl. As she stood up from the toilet and lowered her skirt down over her hips, she peered curiously down at me.

"So, Thom, since you clearly have an appreciation of panties, can I ask you something?"

"Shoot," I answered.

"Have you ever gotten your hands on your cousin's panties?"

I hesitated for a second. I certainly didn't want the truth about this to get back to Denise, and this was her best friend. Jenna noticed the wheels turning.

"Aha! You have! I had a feeling..."

"You absolutely cannot tell her anything," I said.

She leaned against the counter, idly fingering her own soiled underwear.

"I won't," she said thoughtfully. "Though who knows, she might not mind."

"Oh, I think she would definitely mind. I mean, all I did was look at them, but still."

"I'm sure it was very innocent, Thom," she smirked. "I've been debating whether to tell you this or not, but I think I will... Last night after I left your room I got in bed. Denise was already asleep, or so I thought. After about 10 minutes, she must've thought I was asleep, because she started going at herself like a banshee."

"You're kidding," I said, incredulously.

"I think she heard us in here and it turned her on. To be honest, when she finally got off, I had to take care of myself. It was so hot, hearing her squirm around over there, trying to be quiet...mmmm mmmm."

"I would've done that for you," I pointed out. "But you took off."

She smiled. "Gotta save something for later, don't we?"


"Later. I've got a plan. Let's go have dinner, and when we get back, I've got a little something to wear that I think you might like. And this time, we won't close the adjoining door all the way."

I was dumbstruck. That was indeed a fantastic idea.

"What do you think she would do?" I asked.

"I don't know, but...well, you know her new boyfriend?"

"I haven't met him yet," I said.

"He's kind of a tool. I used to think he was cute, but his personality is enough to kill the buzz, big time. She's still into him, for whatever reason. So, she's been asking me about blow jobs a lot lately."

"You mean how to give one?"

"Can you believe she's never sucked a guy off?" Jenna said, laughing. "She really is a good little girl. Anyway, I think her curiosity will get the best of her. Plus, I may drop a hint or two tonight that she could get a visual demonstration."

My pulse was racing and I think I a bead of sweat broke out on my forehead. It had nothing to do with the steam in that bathroom, either. I felt like I was being carried along on a wild sexual roller coaster, and I didn't mind one bit.

"That sounds good to me," was all I could utter.

Jenna grinned. "Poor Thom, I hope when you get everything want, you know what to do with it," she purred.

I blushed beet red.

"Don't worry, though. If you don't, I'll teach you. Now get out of here and let me take a shower, would ya?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said dutifully, pulling up my pant

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